Metal Fabrication

Cooling, cryogenic coupling

To increase certain mechanical properties and the size stability of certain steels the curve of the end of martensite transformation is below environmental temperature and it is advisable to carry out supplementary thermal treatment with cryogenic gas (at temperatures down to -120°C) to obtain complete transformation of the residual austenite. This treatment can be carried out using cryogenic cabinets from SOL together with cryogenic products (liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide), distribution plants with vacuum lines suitable for transferring gases in liquid form from cryogenic cabinets. SOL also offers specialist consultancy for process optimisation.

Cryogenic gas is also used to permit the forced coupling of two mechanical components by cooling the component that acts as a joint, a process called calettamento, or by heating the component that acts as a housing. SOL supplies turnkey plant for cryogenic coupling, consisting of cryogenic gas (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) storage, distribution plant, control of safety and the fill levels of the working chamber, consultancy on the coupling process.

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