SOL for Healthcare

Technologies and services for healthcare

SOL develops several support services for the use of medicinal gases

The health system in the 21st-century has a growing need for partners that can quickly and efficiently supply solutions for continuous improvement of the quality and methods of providing health care.

The “customer” of the health system – the patient – has an increasing number of information sources on possible therapies and verdicts on health structures, to compare them and choose where to be treated, and not only will he not accept poor quality in treatment or in any aspect of the structure he chooses, but becomes increasingly demanding, able to evaluate results and exercise his rights.

Moreover new sanitary and therapeutical protocols require products, services and devices that keep up with scientific and technological research to ensure maximum performance and the best results from treatment.

The health system must thus concentrate on its core business, supplying a very complicated product – health – to a very particular customer – the patient – entrusting “non-core” activities to specialised partners able to offer extremely high quality thanks to their specific competence, always paying attention to optimising costs.

All this is reality with the SOL Group, which thanks to its decades of experience in the health sector and continuous contact with all professional figures in the sector offers public and private health and welfare structures its professionalism.

SOL for Healthcare
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