Safety, environment and quality

Integrated quality, safety and environment management system

The SOL Group has developed and adopted an Integrated quality, safety and environment management system so as to ensure coverage of all its activities, eliminating pointless duplication and emphasising synergies.

Top Management has issued, for each area of activities, a specific Policy that can be consulted and downloaded from the Group Website.

SOL Spa has adhered since 1994 to the Responsible Care Programme, following its Guiding principles. Responsible Care is a worldwide voluntary programme, promoted in Italy by Federchimica, that promotes the commitment of the chemical industry to the health and safety of workers and environmental protection, and also to the communication of the results achieved.

Health and safety

Safeguarding the health and safety of human resources is for us a basic and essential value. It is based on an ethical vision of work that guides everyday activities in all Group companies.

Reaching the “Zero accident” target is the goal that all our operational units set themselves every year and they almost always reach it, thanks to the commitment of all workers. Analysing the causes of accidents and the corrective action taken, together with continuous training for all workers are fundamental tools for preventing accidents. Attention to safety is extended to our customers, through an analysis of the risks that covers all phases of the life-cycle of our products and services: from design to disposal, passing through production, sales and use.


Third-party verification and the resulting certifications of conformity to ISO regulations of reference confirm the validity of the Integrated management system adopted by the SOL Group.

The number of certified units is increasing continually.

The certifications obtained can be consulted and downloaded from the Group website.



All our activities are guided by our commitment to sustainable development and the effort to reach the maximum standards of environmental efficiency, going beyond simple respect for laws and regulations.

We are aware that available resources are shrinking and for this reason we aim to improve energy efficiency and the use of resources by our plants and our activities generally, at the same time being careful about the impact of our emissions on the environment.

Attention to environmental sustainability is not limited to production activities but also extends to the development of products, applications and services that help our customers improve their environmental performance.