SOL for Healthcare

Medical device distribution systems

Technical regulations and national and regional legal constraints on the design of plants for the distribution of medical gases, for vacuums and the evacuation of anaesthetic gases, have evolved considerably in recent years.

SOL was the first company in Italy to obtain, in 1998, certification for its Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System for the CE marking as a medical device of centralised medical gas distribution systems.

A staff of specialised technicians, present throughout Europe, is dedicated to the design, manufacture and technical management of medical gas plants, in conformity with the harmonised technical standards UNI EN ISO 7396-1 and UNI EN ISO 7396-2. In addition SOL supplies to health facilities and manages a vast range of medical devices supporting the supply and administration of medical gases.

The SOL Group manages global services for the maintenance and traceability of electromedical apparatus, using computer systems that ensure that activities can be traced over time and punctually accounted for.

Active participation of SOL experts in technical round tables for regulations with ISO and UNI ensures the availability of specialists, promoters of the most innovative plant solutions, when a new health structure is implemented or existing distribution pipelines are made to conform with regulations.

SOL for Healthcare
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