Metal Fabrication

Coating by deposit - Coating

The functionalisation of a metal surface can be achieved by giving the surface layer particular properties different from those of the material below. This result can be obtained with a number of processes: the use of thermal deposit techniques and low-pressure deposits offers a complete range of combinations of material and coating thickness.

For example coating by thermal deposit (Plasma Spray, HVOF, Flame Spray, Wire Arc Spray, Cold Spray, Laser Cladding, Arc Cladding, etc) is suitable for coating metallic and ceramic materials with thickness from 1 mm to 100um, while low-pressure coating (PVD, CVD, Sputtering and its evolutions) uses a combination of precursors in the vapour phase that interact with different energy sources allow deposits with a thickness range from 50 um – 10 nm.

Thanks to experience built up in the sector on the whole range of coating processes, SOL supplies products, services and technologies that cover the varying needs of customers, including gaseous precursors, distribution plant, materials and consumables, technological consultancy and process optimisation.

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