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Treatment of waste water - Ecojet®

Companies with purifying plants for wastewater, both with activated sludge and chemical/physical, can use the technologies, products and services offered by SOL in its Ecojet® range to optimise and increase the flexibility of operation of these plants that often create problems that have already been tackled and solved with the know-how and experience SOL has built up.

Ecojet®, one of the patents of the SOL Group, is one of the most advanced units for the transfer of gas into fluids available on the market and, thanks to continual improvements over the years and the studies carried out, is designed and manufactured to guarantee the highest gas transfer yield and so minimise running costs, avoiding the waste of gas and limiting electrical energy consumption.

In activated sludge processes the bacteria use oxygen to remove the pollutants present: the use of pure oxygen, instead of or in addition to air, pumped into the water using Ecojet® makes the oxygen effectively available to the bacteria, even during batch operation and so with extremely variable loads of pollutants, making it possible to improve the working of plant with suffering biomass.

In water treatment processes with chemical/physical plant, the use of carbon dioxide to control and lower the pH makes it possible to obtain flakes of calcium carbonate of optimal dimensions for purifying and sedimentation.

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