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Stockage maintenance and cleaning

Keeping stockages of petrochemical products well maintained, in addition to ensuring their adequate working life, is important for exploiting all the volume available: SOL offers a service of cleaning and reclamation of these tanks based on such modern technologies as COW (Crude Oil Washing), which can recover the volume of the stockage and also make it possible to use the dregs in production for example, COW is a technological solution that offers two main and fundamental advantages: personnel operate in safety outside the tank without needing to enter until the final inspection (unlike classic methods were personnel operate with respirators inside the tank) and the hydrocarbon fraction of the dregs is recovered almost completely, often more than 95%. During operations and inert atmosphere is maintained inside the tank using gaseous nitrogen: this significantly increases the safety of the system.

The main advantages of this advanced solution SOL offers its customers are:

  • an automatic process without personnel needing to enter the tank;
  • almost total recovery of the hydrocarbon fraction;
  • an inert atmosphere thanks to the use of SOL nitrogen, to ensure conditions of safety;
  • limited duration of the intervention. 

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