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The cleaning, and if necessary the analysis of defects, of hydrocarbon pipelines can be effectively done using a particular device called a “pig”, which is pushed along the pipeline using a controlled flow of fluid such as nitrogen which, compared with other fluids (water, air, chemicals), has a high chemical inertia, a very limited residual content of water and very low interaction with products normally present in the pipeline. Through special launch and recovery stations, the highly pure nitrogen, which has a very low dew point so as to produce an anhydrous environment, is pumped at high pressure, sending the pig along the pipeline even if there are curves or gradients. With the use of nitrogen the pig can perform several fundamental tasks, including “washing” the pipeline with gaseous nitrogen, thus leaving it in inert, anhydrous and pressurised conditions, and drive the fluids it encounters towards the receiving station, making it possible to use the same pipeline for different products, cleaning the internal surface from residues left by liquids or solids that travel along it.

This technique can be adapted to many types of lines and can be used during the various operational phases of the pipeline, from commissioning to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
With its experience in the sector, SOL provides all the equipment and personnel required to carry out pigging operations with maximum efficiency and in conditions of safety: thanks to continuous research into effective and efficient technologies and collaboration with highly qualified operators, SOL can support its customers with customised solutions and provide the most advanced pigging applications available on the market.

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