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Drying and pressurisation

Drying operations are needed to dry equipment after maintenance, be it pipelines, tanks or reactors, leaving an extremely low degree of relative humidity: drying helps to keep the purity of the product under control when plant is restarted, minimise corrosion and increase safety and general control of the process. At the end of drying, to prevent humidity or oxygen in the environment from entering, the equipment is pressurised with nitrogen.
SOL provides integrated solutions for drying and pressurisation processes, making it possible, thanks to the characteristics of the nitrogen supplied, to reach the lowest dewpoint possible with limited time and expenditure. The nitrogen is pumped through the equipment to be dried at controlled temperature, pressure and flow using apparatus specifically designed for this activity: continuous monitoring of the process parameters, in representative positions for correct execution) ensure the process is carried out properly and the plant left ready or prepared for later operations.

The main advantages of nitrogen drying are thus the very low dewpoint that can be reached inside the apparatus treated and the consequent inhibition of corrosion: the plant is left in a safe condition thanks to the inert nature of the gas.
Thanks to collaboration with highly qualified operators and the availability of specific apparatus and qualified personnel, SOL can support its customers with customised and extensively tested solutions, collaborating right from the design and planning phase of maintenance operations in defining the best and most effective protocols for carrying out the entire process.

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