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AliSOL is a specific line of technologies, products and services developed by SOL that can offer a complete answer to the various requirements of companies that use food gases.

In particular, packaging in protective atmosphere using AliSOL is a technology that makes it possible, during food packaging, to modify in a simple way the composition of the gases present in the packages, for example by increasing nitrogen, an inert gas, and carbon dioxide, which is a bacteriostatic gas, in order to limit the natural speed of deterioration of the food due to the presence of oxygen.

The gases used in the AliSOL range are all rigorously certified as food additives and are naturally present in the air we breathe: by modifying the percentages of these gases in packaging their characteristics can be exploited to increase shelf life. Mainly nitrogen and carbon dioxide are used, but oxygen too is used for packaging red meats and certain fish species. Oxygen, carbon, dioxide argon are used to improve the conservation of packaged food: consumer requests to conserve food products with natural technologies has always been one of the main requirements of the food industry and AliSOL is an efficacious and efficient response to this need.

Packaging in AliSOL protective atmosphere makes it possible to:

  • prolong the shelf life of fresh foods, even doubling it with respect to packaging in air;
  • reduce or avoid the use of the chemical additives needed to reduce the principal processes of natural deterioration of the product;
  • avoid the crushing caused by vacuum packaging, maintaining the look of the packaged food product unchanged;
  • improve production efficiency and the efficacy of food product distribution.
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