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Reduction of gaseous emissions - RecSOLv

Some industrial production uses solvents and volatile chemical compounds that can be found in the air outlets: restrictive regulations on the emission into the environment of these compounds and the possibility of reusing them if they can be recovered with a sufficient degree of purity led to the spread of RecSOLv technology, based on using the frigories contained in liquid nitrogen and its characteristics at as an inert gas. This is a modern solution to the treatment of air emissions that satisfies the most stringent environmental protection requirements.

Depending on the type and concentration of the compound to be eliminated and the overall volumes of effluent to be treated, RecSOLv can be used with cryogenic eliminators operating directly with liquid nitrogen or with active carbon absorbers that accumulate the substance to be removed and use gaseous nitrogen for stripping and channelling.

The flexibility of the RecSOLv process ensures the operation of the plant with great rangeability, from minimum flows of waste to be treated to maximum potential, correctly handling the aspiration and thermostat system which are configured to suit differing operating conditions with continuous regulation so as to guarantee the correct quantity of thermal transfer and so making the consumption of nitrogen proportional to the quantity of emissions treated.

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